Kitchen Cabinet: Your front line for the latest political and policy updates

By National Restaurant Association Staff

Welcome to Kitchen Cabinet, a grassroots movement to unify all those committed to growing and preserving opportunity in the restaurant industry and strengthening the communities where we live and work. The 2016 presidential election is just months away and the stakes have never been higher for the restaurant industry. Heated rhetoric on...

Alabama ABC Director speaks to Birmingham Kitchen Cabinet

By Kitchen Cabinet

Mac Gibson, the director of the Alabama Beverage Control Board spoke to members of the Birmingham Kitchen Cabinet about new rules and regulations for alcohol sales in the state of Alabama. There were a number of questions from restaurant owners and managers about the distribution system in the state and...

Mayor of Birmingham, William Bell, Meets with Members of the Birmingham Kitchen Cabinet

By Kitchen Cabinet

Birmingham Mayor William Bell met with members of the Birmingham Kitchen Cabinet to discuss job opportunities in the restaurant industry. Mayor Bell brought members of the Birmingham Division of Youth Services together to discuss how restaurants could partner with cities to fulfill increasing food service and restaurant job openings. The...

NRA Special Report: The Kitchen Cabinet — Industry Growth Through Grassroots Advocacy

By Kitchen Cabinet

The restaurant industry is 14.4 million strong. When that force is united, the possibilities for change and growth are endless. And yet, we didn’t begin as a massive segment. Foodservice was born by gathering in small kitchens, mom-and-pop shops, and local cafés. To pave the way to the future, it...

Arizona Restaurant Association Sponsors Culinary Program

By Kitchen Cabinet

The Roosevelt School District in south Phoenix got some much-needed help for its Summer School Enrichment Program on Tuesday, May 17th, thanks to a generous partnership with the Arizona Restaurant Association. This partnership will help fund programs that teach children about culinary-related topics that they can use throughout their lives....

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