Restaurant Roundtables


What is a Restaurant Roundtable?

In-district meetings with local restaurateurs afford a unique opportunity for lawmakers to learn about the restaurant industry. Experiencing first-hand the hard work that goes into a restaurant provides legislators with valuable insight into America’s second largest private-sector employer.

These meetings give owners and operators the opportunity to speak personally about their experience in the industry and how legislation affects restaurant operations and growth.

How do I host my own Restaurant Roundtable?

Hosting a Restaurant Roundtable is easy — and you will have plenty of support from the National Restaurant Association (NRA) and your state’s restaurant association (SRA). Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact the NRA and/or your SRA and let us know you are interested. We will work with you to secure a date and time for the Roundtable. Roundtables are usually held during off-times at restaurants, such as 10 a.m. – 11 a.m. or 2 p.m. – 3 p.m. As a result, hosting a roundtable should not interrupt the restaurant’s business operations. *We can also assist if you want to call your legislator’s district or state office personally.
  2. Identify a date and location. Once determined, the NRA will provide logistical support and monitor attendance.
  3. Promote your Roundtable. Share the invite with colleagues, employees and other interested industry partners. The NRA will assist you with any collateral or press requirements. Optimal attendance is usually about 10–12 participants.
  4. Communicating with participants. The NRA will provide issue briefs, economic data and other important information to attendees in advance of the event.
  5. Event Day. Arrive at the venue 45 minutes before the Roundtable starts. NRA staff can be on site to help manage, if requested.
  6. Follow-up. After the event concludes, the NRA will follow-up with a thank you email to all attendees with a summary of the event and ways to continue to engage with the NRA and Congress. As the host, it is recommended that you personally follow-up with the legislator’s office and thank them for their time.

To learn more or to host your own Restaurant Roundtable, please contact Jen Fox at or (202) 331-3673.